Dog Training
For a happy & healthy relationship with your dog

At Doggie Playland, we offer a personalized approach to training. Our small class sizes (max 5 students) allow for more one on one time between owner and trainer. The trainer also adjusts each exercise to suit the skill level of each dog in the class to accommodate all types of learning.

Doggie Playland daycare full day rates
Level 1

plus taxes

  • Covers all basic obedience commands including:
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Stay (sit & down)
  • Walking on loose leash
  • Recall (w/distraction)
  • Properly greeting people & dogs
  • Leave it
  • 7 weeks
Doggie Playland daycare half day rates
Level 2

plus taxes

  • Covers more advanced obedience:
  • Wait
  • Wait while walking
  • Stand stay
  • Off leash “Leave It” with food
  • Some intro to agility
  • (jumps, tunnel)
  • Distracted stays, length of time stay (sit & down)
  • Heeling with turns
  • Drop on recall
  • Recall work with distraction (off leash)
  • Recall work through dogs
  • 6 Weeks
Doggie Playland daycare short play rates
Level 3

plus taxes

  • Classes available to clients who have completed Level 1 and 2. Training includes but is not limited to:
  • Off leash heeling
  • Recall with distraction
  • Stay with distraction
  • Out of sight Stay
  • Intro to Nose work (teaching “Find It”)
  • Max 6 dogs per class
  • 6 weeks.
Doggie Playland daycare short play rates
Basic Agility

plus taxes

This course is a basic introduction to agility. It is great for high energy, working breeds. Agility helps build the relationship between owner and dog, strengthen a dog’s focus and build their confidence, all while having some fun.

This course is offered in our fenced-in outdoor space in the spring/ summer.

4 - 1 hour sessions

* This course is geared toward adult dogs only

We believe that training is an integral part of a happy and healthy relationship with your dog.

It is also the basis for safe interaction and socialization of your best friend in any environment. Our training programs are designed to address every need, from basic obedience to more advanced techniques. We can also help you and your dog overcome problematic behavior and focus on building a bond that will last a lifetime.

In addition to work in classes, owners will be encouraged to work with their dog(s) off leash as much as possible throughout the course. Classes take place both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting).

Reactive Dog Program

Are you currently struggling with walking a dog who lunges/growls or barks at other dogs and people? Does your dog chase cars, bikes or skateboards? This program is designed to teach your dog to control their impulses around stimulus and get you back to more relaxing, enjoyable walks. The program gives you private training in your home and in a variety of different environments that the trainer will choose upon meeting your dog.

This program is normally completed in 6 sessions and includes lifetime support in the form of emails and scheduled phone calls as well as 1 refresher lesson to be used within 1 year.

Program Details:

  • Proper walking techniques because teaching a dog how to walk properly is the basis of getting them to focus.
  • Teaching you how to read your dog's body language and identify the moment when your dog is about to react so that you can redirect them at the optimal time, making it easier for the dog to calm down.
  • Solidifying the "leave it" command and the "focus" command in order to teach redirection from other dogs, people etc.
  • Teaching the "Place" command to calm your dog in and around your home.
  • Identifying and working with what triggers your dog to react and counter conditioning the behaviour.
6 sessions

plus HST

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Condensed Reactive Dog Program

This is for the dogs that are not as reactive on a leash and are able to listen well to basic commands without much distraction. It is similar to the above program but typically completed in 4 sessions. This program does not include as much time and work with the trainer. It is focused solely on working in your home and immediate neighbourhood and is not as intensive as the bigger program.


plus HST

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Good Manners Program

Imagine having a dog that politely greets every guest in your home without jumping up. Or a dog that walks happily beside you instead of pulling you out the front door and down the street. The Good Manners Program is designed to accomplish all of this and more to give you a well mannered pup all around. You will receive one on one coaching in your own home and neighbourhood to help you teach your dog how to walk nicely, greet people properly and come when they are called.

This program includes lifetime support in the form of emails and scheduled phone calls as well as 1 refresher lesson to be used as needed within 1 year.

Other features included are:

  • Teaching patience when encountering dogs on a walk so that your dog doesn't pull to meet every dog.
  • Deterring counter and tabletop surfing so you don't have to hide your meals from your pooch.
  • How to prevent your dog from bolting through doorways or backyards so that you don't have to chase them around the neighbourhood.
5 sessions

plus HST

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Day Training
Private Program NEW

Ideal for those of you looking to get your puppy started on their training or polish on your adult dog’s skills but don’t have the time to dedicate to classes.

The trainer (Sasha Amin) will pick up your dog from your home, work with them for an hour, and drop them back home to you. There are two 30-minute sessions with you included in each program so that you can learn what your dog has been working on and to give you the skills to continue their training after the program is finished. Additional 30-minute sessions can be added at a discounted rate should you require them. You will also receive daily notes and videos of what your dog is learning.

  • This program covers:
  • Basic obedience commands.
  • Leash walking skills with distractions.
  • Impulse control around dogs and people.
  • Confidence building for puppies or adult dogs who are nervous in new environments or fearful of other dogs.
  • Dogs who need to learn how to focus and respond to commands with lots of distractions and relax in stimulating environments.

This is NOT for dogs who are leash reactive or aggressive. Please refer to the Reactive Dog Program for help with that.

Option 1

3 one-on-one sessions for your dog with the trainer + two 30-minute sessions with the owner


plus HST

Option 2

5 one-on-one sessions for your dog with the trainer + two 30-minute sessions with the owner


plus HST

Additional 30-minute sessions can be added at a discounted price of $35.These sessions will run weekly Monday-Thursday during the day. Only 1 dog per week. All prices include pickup and drop off to and from your home as well as an initial phone call to set up a plan for your dog. Payment in full for all programs is to be paid at the first session. Area of service available is within 5kms of either Doggie Playland or the trainer’s home in Mississauga.

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Separation Anxiety Program

Wouldn't you love to be able to leave your dog home alone without any stress for either of you and come home to a peaceful sleeping pooch?

This program will teach you why separation anxiety happens and how to ease your dog into staying home alone without any stress. You will get a custom plan based on your dog's level of anxiety and 2 home visits to coach you through how to work with your pup in your home. You will also get unlimited email and phone support as you work on getting your dog comfortable with your absence.

Separation Anxiety

plus HST

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Additional Sessions

Obedience Training:

2 lessons in your home or outdoors


plus HST.

For Behaviour Work:

2 lessons in your home or outdoors


plus HST.

All 6 and 7 week sessions require a non refundable deposit in order to retain a spot. Private sessions require 24 hours cancellation notice. Trainer: Sasha Amin – certified in canine obedience and behavior therapy from Canine Academy. Member of CAPPDT. Additional charges for all programs may apply outside Etobicoke and Mississauga.

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