Meet the trainer
Sasha Amin

Animals have been a part of my life since I was a child. Growing up in India, I made friends with every stray dog and cat I could get close to. When we came to Canada, all I wanted was a dog of my own and when my mother finally gave in, I was ecstatic. I trained my dog myself, but he still had a lot of moments where he didn't listen and was notorious for running away.

I was inspired to become a trainer when I heard dog trainer, Sue McMullen, give a speech at Sheridan College where I was completing the Animal Care Program. As soon as I graduated, I signed up for her Dog Trainers course and learned first hand how to really build a relationship with my dog. I realized that what I was missing with my first dog was confidence, trust, and that a human's energy influences how a dog behaves. At the age of 7, my dog, who use to bolt out of every open door and run away every chance he got, became perfectly well behaved off leash and the only thing that had changed in that equation, was me. I had become more confident in what I was asking of my dog and I had built an actual relationship based on mutual trust, rather than just giving commands and expecting a response.

This is why I decided to become a trainer and continue to teach this. I have been training owners and dogs for 9 years now. I have had hundreds of successes through not just positive reinforcement, but also teaching owners to be accountable of their own emotions when working with their dog.

By working with both you and your dog, I can help you make your dog the best version of themselves they can be.
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