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At Doggie Playland Inc, we believe that a healthy lifestyle is not just for humans.

A healthy diet, along with enough activities, stimulation and exercise, is the ideal way to ensure your dog’s well being. Doggie Playland fits the bill for the active portion of your dog’s healthy life style. Hours of play and exercise all in a safe, healthy and controlled environment. It’s just what your dog needs!

All our staff is professionally trained with certifications in Animal Care, Dog Emotion and Cognition, Dog Training and Behaviour, Pet First Aid, Understanding Canine Body Language. Members of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council Canada.

Is daycare for your dog?
The top 6 reasons
reason 1

Your dog is left alone for 9-10 hours a day while you’re away at work?

reason 2

Do you find it hard to schedule in the walks per day your dog needs to live a healthy, active life?

reason 3

Do you travel often and are faced with the challenge of finding good care for your dog while you are away?

reason 4

You just moved to Toronto and are looking for a place where your dog can run, play and interact with other dogs?

reason 5

Your lifestyle make it difficult to provide enough exercise throughout the day?

reason 6

Does your puppy have more energy than you at the end of the day, and you’ve been working all day and just want to relax?

These challenges are what inspire us to create your solution: Doggie Playland!
Place your dog or puppy in our care and enjoy peace of mind.

With Doggie Playland you knowi that your best friend is getting what they need to be a happy and healthy animal. We love dogs and will treat your dog as if they were our own.

We offer well supervised dog care with lots of love and special individual attention for each and every dog.

Our 5500 sq ft dog daycare centre is located in Etobicoke, Toronto.

Our location has both an indoor and outdoor playground where dogs can have fun playing and making new friends all day long.

We pride ourselves in having a clean and safe environment to ensure each dog has a great experience at Doggie Playland.

We have what it takes to run a great dog daycare.
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