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*The attending dog must have all vaccinations up to date and must pass the temperament test. Limit one free day per puppy. Mention this ad when you attend for the first time.

Is daycare for your dog?

Doggie Playland

reason 001

is your dog left alone

for 9-10 hours a day while you’re away at work?

Doggie Playland

reason 002

Do you find it hard

to schedule in the walks per day your dog needs to live a healthy, active life?

Doggie Playland

reason 003

Do you travel often

and are faced with the challenge of finding good care for your dog while you are away?


Doggie Playland

reason 004

Have you just moved

to Toronto and are looking for a place where your dog can run, play and interact with other dogs?

Doggie Playland

reason 005

Does your lifestyle

make it difficult to provide enough exercise throughout the day?

Doggie Playland

reason 006

Does your puppy have more

energy than you at the end of the day, and  you’ve been working all day and just want to relax?

We have what it takes to run a great dog daycare…

Dog Training

Safe interaction & Socialization
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Dog Daycare

Exercised & Stimulated
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Dog Boarding

A Doggie Vacation
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Find out what makes our Doggie Daycare so awesome.

Use Promo Code DPFREE for a free day at our Dog Daycare.

*Valid only for new customers who sign up for 10 sessions for their dog or puppy.

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Hours of Operation

Open Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 6:30pm

Open Saturdays only for dog training birthday parties and meet-ups.

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