Valentino the mini Golden-doodle

  |   Doggie Playland Dogs

Hello Everyone, my name is Valentino.


I’m a mini Golden-doodle and I have been coming to Doggie Playland for 2 years now! I absolutely love coming here because it is so much fun. I usually come once or twice a week, however my daddy is a flight attendant so when he’s away I get to come a little bit more.


It’s like I get a little vacation too! I get so excited to go to daycare that sometimes I don’t even eat my breakfast! Unless it has quinoa in it. Did I mention I LOVE quinoa?


My best friend at Doggie Playland is a border collie mix named Xavier. I’m also friends with a corgi mix named Murphy. When I’m not playing with my friends I usually like to hang out in the sun or chase the ball.


I see the humans playing ball now so I’m going to run off and join the fun!