Tucker the Rottweiler

  |   Doggie Playland Dogs

Hi, I’m Tucker and I’m a Rottweiler. I’m a big, goofy boy who loves to cuddle and play with everyone.


My favourite thing to do at Doggie Playland is play with the ball. I love to chase it and carry it around and try to get my buddies to play tug with me. I have a lot of friends at daycare since I’m lucky enough to come everyday.


Mostly, I’m a bit of a ladies man. All the girls want to play with me and even argue with each other when I pay too much attention to one! It’s a bit funny seeing them get so jealous, there’s lots of me to go around!


There is always so much to do at Doggie Playland, especially now that it’s spring and we get to be outside all day.


I see someone is about to throw a ball…gotta go!