Spring brings more than warmer weather

  |   Dog Advice, Dog health

There are quite a few hazards that your dog can potentially be exposed to in the spring and here are a few examples:


–          Thawing ponds or rivers.

By keeping your dog on a leash while on nature walks, you can protect him from new dangers presented by thawing ice


–          Antifreeze – is extremely dangerous to pets and is one of the most common forms of poisoning. Store antifreeze and any other chemicals found in most garages in areas inaccessible to your pets, or even better- keep your pets away from garages at all times.


–          Ticks– warmer weather brings back the bugs. While some are cute and harmless, ticks can carry diseases that could harm your dog. Start protecting your dogs at the first signs of spring. There are many natural ways. See recipes below (from www.Dogsnaturallymagazine.com).



–          Decaying, moldy wood– If your dog is an indiscriminate eater with his nose to the ground, you need to supervise closely while on walks and hikes, to make sure he doesn’t ingest any decaying organic matter. Mold and fungus on rotting wood or leaves can be very dangerous to pets because some forms of the organisms can cause serious illness.


Let’s all have a healthy and happy spring and always call or visit your nearest veterinary clinic if you ever suspect your pet has ingested any poison, chemicals or other substances.