Socialization- the new dog training buzzword!

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The majority of dog professionals will agree that early socialization is crucial in a dog’s development. The key time to do so is between 6 and 12 weeks. It is recommended to find a safe environment such as a well supervised dog daycare or puppy training class. These are the best places to find lots of positive socialization opportunities for young dogs while making sure they are safe.


All puppies need socialization regardless of the breed and size.  A well socialized pup learns that objects, people, dogs and environments are safe and therefore will not be fearful. A pup that grows up meeting lots of people, places and dogs of all sizes and ages will grow into a confident, secure adult dog who is comfortable in all situations. They also learn what the body cues and signals of other dogs mean. Those are things that us humans can’t teach. Pretty much they learn to have manners around other dogs.


Socializing your dog or puppy will boost his confidence and make him more reliable later in life.