Ruger, a Beagle Jack Russel mix

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Hi everyone I’m Ruger, a Beagle Jack Russel mix.


I am a rescue from some country called the United States. My mom saved my life when she took me home to live with her forever. It was the happiest day of my life!


I come to Doggie Playland everyday. I don’t really enjoy being home alone, and why would I when I can come to daycare, play with dogs all day and sun tan in the summer! My best friends are Wrigley and Jamie. I get along great with all the dogs but since I’m older AND a regular, I get to be a little picky with my friends:)


I also have this neat trick that mom gets me to do when she picks me up. She calls it “beg”. I don’t know what that means but it always gets me a cookie so I LOVE doing it!


Anyway, I think I hear the cookie jar now so gotta go “beg”!