Rudy the Irish Doodle

  |   Doggie Playland Dogs

Hi everyone, my name is Rudy.


I’m an Irish Doodle. Do you know what that is? It means that I’m half Irish Setter and half Poodle. I bet you were thinking I was from Ireland weren’t you?


I love coming to Doggie Playland. At first I was a bit shy and I even jumped a few of the fences inside the pens to try to go home. Everyone at daycare was really nice and they worked with me slowly until I started to enjoy myself.


Now I play all day when my mom drops me off. I have a few best friends like Stella and Callie, who is the same colour as me. I also enjoy chewing on bones and playing with the ball.


Speaking of bones…I hear another dog chewing one so I need to go check it out!