Protect your dog from seasonal colds

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Kennel Cough , Cold and Flu  season is here again!


While many dogs don’t get affected, it is possible for your dog to catch the kennel cough from anywhere where he might have been in contact with  infected dogs ( parks, walks, vet clinics, doggie daycare, boarding places, etc). Puppies and senior dogs are most susceptible.


Through the years we noticed that regularly socialized dogs( parks or doggie daycare) get exposed to the potential germs and almost never get the common cold or kennel cough.  Or, if they had it as puppies, they might not get it again.

That is probably due to their immune system building resistance to some germs .

Food can also contribute to improving health and immunity and regardless of what you feed your pooch, you can keep him healthy or help him if he gets “under the weather” just by making and feeding a nutritional bone broth.

According to veterinary nutrition expert Dr. Karen Becker, bone broth for dogs is known to help boost a dog’s immune system, help with GI track upset, detox the liver and improve joint, skin and coat health. Bone broth also provides healthy hydration for pets on an exclusively dry food diet.


You can make  the broth at home or purchase it frozen from many pet stores. Do not feed grocery bought broth as it contains many ingredients that aren’t good for dogs.

Some health food stores sell powdered bone broth that you can hydrate and add to your dog’s food, but always read the ingredients to ensure it doesn’t contain sodium or spices.


Here is how I make mine at home:

–          2 lbs of chicken or beef marrow bones

–          Celery

–          Carrots

–          1 apple

–          Half a lemon

–          ¼ cup apple cider vinegar

–          Water

I put all ingredients in a Crock Pot and simmer on low for 24 hrs. Remove all the bones and veggies from the gelatinous liquid , cool it and start adding it to your dog’s food. He will love you forever. Do Not Feed the bones. Cooked bones can be a choking hazard.


Click the link below to see Dr. Becker’s healthy bone broth recipe.

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