Private Sessions vs Group Obedience Classes

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This is one of the most common questions I get asked as a trainer. Below I have listed the benefits of each and whom they are best suited for.


Group Classes:
– Perfect for puppies.
– Offers real world distractions in a controlled environment (ex: other dogs and people)
– Offers all important socialization for puppies and shy dogs.
– small class sizes at Doggie Playland offer one on one attention in a group setting.
– Covers a number of commands in the span of 6 or 7 weeks depending on the class level.


Private Sessions:
– Good for targeting specific obedience commands and perfect existing training (ie. Working on recall or walking only)
– For behavioral issues like separation anxiety, aggression etc.
– Great for dogs that have trouble being around other dogs due to leash aggression or extreme fear or dogs. Or dogs that have a lot of trouble focusing.
– For owners that need in home sessions or more personalized attention.
– Not the best for young puppies unless needed because they always perform well with treats and zero distractions.


Doggie Playland offers dog obedience classes at 3 levels and also offers private sessions targeted to your needs. Our small group classes allow me to tailor each exercise to your dogs skill level within the group.


Sasha Amin
Dog Trainer
Doggie Playland Inc.