Portuguese Water Dog

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Hey guys, my name is Coal. The human friends really like my name – they say it suits me because of my hair colour. So my parents did a really good job naming me for sure.


I bet you’d never guess my breed so I’ll just tell you. I’m half Bulldog and half Portuguese Water Dog. Cool, huh?


I’ve been coming to Doggie Playland for a really long time now. I love it. My bestfriend is Bruno. We are BFF’s. When we play everyone gets out of the way because we’re so crazy.


I also really love to play fetch. And this one time there was a frisbee! I was the only one who could catch it so I got to play with it a lot. It was so much fun, and after I had to go lie in the pool because I was hot!


Sigh, this place is so awesome.