penny a viszla puppy

  |   Doggie Playland Dogs

Hi hi hi all I’m Penny!!! I’m a viszla puppy and I’ve been coming to Doggie Playland since I was little. I did 2 levels of training here and and now I come to agility. I LOVE to jump super high, you should see me. I can even outrun my mom, I’m so fast! 


I love daycare because it helps me burn off all the energy I have. Daycare also helped me become more confident with other dogs. I used to be a little shy but now I run and wrestle with all my buddies especially my best friends Joey and Sadie. I don’t even take naps! I usually just lean up against the fence, close my eyes and rest for a bit and then it’s time to go again! 


I love the humans at Doggie Playland too because they always give me hugs when I come in. Best part of the day! Anyways gotta run since there’s so much to do today! Hope I see you here for a hug sometime!