Nimbus The All Black Poodle

  |   Doggie Playland Dogs

Oh, hey there. My name is Nimbus, nice to meet you. I’m a Standard Poodle. All black. Very sleek, right?


My time at Doggie Playland is more about the smells, and the sights. I am what they call an “observer”. We are one of the many different types of dog personalities at daycare.


I like to keep an eye on things, what can I say?


The only thing that I’m very particular about is my water consumption. I simply refuse to drink unless my mom or dad is there. It’s a little silly, I know. But hey, I’m unique!


I also have this really cool trick.. I can count! I tried teaching my friend Charlie how to – he’s pretty good at it, but not as good as me!


Until next time, you guys!