Maverick the Frenchie

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Oh hey guys, I’m Maverick! But everyone at Doggie Playland daycare calls me Mav, Mr. Mav. or Mavy… or crazy Frenchie!


Yup, I’m a French Bulldog. We’re small, but our personalities are like.. way bigger!


I love to play ball, but sometimes they’re too big and I can’t pick them up, but that’s okay! I still love to play ball. A lot.


I also love to run around like crazy and play with all of my friends. Everyone is my friend. I play with anyone who wants to play with me! Especially other Frenchies, because we like to stick together.


I can also jump really high. You wouldn’t think I could (but I can!) because my legs are so tiny, but I go waaaay up! It’s to try and catch the ball, of course.. but I need to work on my landing.


If you are a dog and are reading this- would you please come to Doggie Playland so we could be friends? A Frenchie can never have too many!