I’m a Cairn terrier

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Hi guys!


I’m Axel! You know, like Axel Rose…yeah I’m named after a famous rock star, I’m cool, I know.


I’m a Cairn terrier. We’re a pretty cute breed, everyone tells me so and we have lots of energy! At least, I do. Doggie Playland is the best place for me. I’ve been coming here since I was a little puppy. I started with training classes where I did quiet well but I enjoy doggie daycare a lot more.


My best friends are Sassy, Tic Tac and basically everyone else who has as much energy as me. I love to run around the yard and play chase and there are usually tons of dogs who love to catch me! I also love the pool and catching water when the humans use the hose. It’s quite frustrating competing with the big dogs but I manage!


Anyway I gotta go play now since my mom will be coming to get me soon.


Can’t waste good playtime!