I’m a bulldog

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A blog about me? Wow, guys!


So.. my name is Lolly! I’m a bulldog. The french and english kind mixed together. I’m like 11/10 cute or so the human friends tell me.


I love the thing that shoots water. They call it a hose but I have no idea what a hose is. I love to chase the water, and eat it, and sometimes it goes up my nose but that’s okay because that means I caught it in my nose instead of my mouth.


The “hose” is very tricky sometimes. So that’s when I have to jump really high to make sure the water still hits me in the face. It’s my favourite game.


But I also love to play ball. Especially when another friend has it. It’s a crazy amount of fun.


Sigh. Doggie Playland is definitely one of my favouriteee places to be. I come here almost every day because apparently I have a lot of energy. But I think that’s a good thing, because then I have all of the fun all of the time.


Okay! Thank you, blog, and bye bye blog friends!