Havanese at Doggie Playland

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Hey everyone! I’m Wrigley! I think my siblings gave me that name because I’m so wriggly all the time! I’m a havanese and there is only 1 other havanese at Doggie Playland so I’m pretty special here!


I’ve been coming to doggie daycare since I was a baby and I love it! My mom usually brings me at least twice a week! My best friends are Missi the Chihuahua and Jamie the doodle. I also love this thing called fetch that makes all the dogs run after a ball…


I don’t understand that game because not everyone gets the ball! I sometimes join in but other times I bark at the dogs who are running to tell them not to bother. They never seem to listen though.


Anyway I think I see them all running now so I have to go to my job!


See you around!