Fun at Doggie Playland

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Heya guys, how are ya?! My name’s Peppy! Well, it’s Pepper but, pfft, no one calls me that!


I’m a whole lot of fun to be around and I’m always happy. It’s probably a dead give away because my butt never stops wigglin’!


Sooo.. let me tell you what I love to do at Doggie Playland. Uhh, besides everything?! But for real.. there’s fetch, swimming, wrestling, and the hose. I love that hose. I also really love to play with my bestie, Morpheus! He’s a lab like me, but he’s the colour of chocolate. You know.. that stuff that smells reeeaaally good but the humans always say no when you ask for some!


Anyway, if you’re into having fun.. stop on by! Maybe i’ll be there and we could play. That would be AWESOME!