Doggie Playland, not just Daycare?

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Did you know that Doggie Playland isn’t only for daycare? On the weekends we may be closed.. but the space is available to rent. This means if you want to throw your dog a birthday party, host a fundraiser or even have a meet-up – you can!


For years we’ve been hosting a group of Italian Greyhounds and recently we’ve added Pugs, Shiba Inu’s and French Bulldog meet-ups to the list!


And of course birthdays. These are always fun because you can decorate any way you’d like. You can bring food and drinks – for humans and the dogs – and a lot of people also make goodie bags and even hire photographers!


We have two separate pens so sometimes people opt to put all of the food and gifts in the smaller pen so that the dogs can have the bigger pen (and the backyard!) to run around and play in.


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in.. you’re not alone! Lots of people throw these parties all year long. Maybe we’ll see you on a weekend, too!