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Toronto’s perfect Doggie Daycare for your furry friend

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Having a dog is fulfilling and very rewarding. The day the new family member arrives, be it a pup or an older adoption, is usually filled with excitement and joy. Even a bathroom accident or chewed slipper isn’t enough to dampen the enthusiasm. It doesn’t take long though, before the proverbial “honeymoon is over” and the realization of the dedication of time and effort that your dog requires sets in.


With our increasingly busy working lives, it becomes challenging to spend time with our beloved furry friends. Often this lack of exercise can lead to bad behaviour, anxiety, stress and sometimes aggression in our dogs.


Dog Daycare is one key way to reduce your dogs boredom and bad behaviour


Leaving a young dog at home for 6-9 hrs a day can be unfair. A young puppy needs socializing, companionship, guidance, training and playtime. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the means to provide for our dog’s needs during the workweek. It is at this point where a helpful hand from knowledgeable and caring people — who work with dogs every day — can provide helpful support.


Pet sitters and dog daycares can be the answer for many pooches, but what is a daycare and how safe is it?


Not every dog daycare is equal


Just like a daycare for human children, a doggie day care can be a fantastic place for a dog to be during the day while their pet owners are busy at work. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and any pet owner who considers enrolling their furry friend in one should do their research and look for referrals.


A good dog daycare offers a safe environment for dogs to have fun, socialize and play while learning basic manners from a professionally trained staffed. Daily games and activities mentally stimulate the dogs and keep them active, so at the end of the day there should be no need for additional walks or stimulation. The dogs leave the daycare happy, tired, and ready to curl up and relax when they get home.


Dogs thrive on play and social interaction with other dogs


A dog daycare also provides the opportunity to socialize various sizes and breeds together, and has the ability to separate the dogs in play groups according to their energy levels. There should be areas where older or less active dogs can retire for naps when they desire, and ideally there should be an outdoor space for the dogs to run and play in the fresh air.


Not all dogs and breeds are suitable or happy in a daycare environment, so if your dog is not up to it, don’t push them. After an initial assessment and a few days of play, the staff should be able to give you some honest feedback on whether the daycare environment is suitable for your pet.


Your dog may want to come to the daycare every day but it is not necessary


Keep in mind that most dogs don’t need to attend every day. Two to three times per week is plenty of activity for most breeds.


In a nutshell, dog daycares take on the burden of providing the environment and activities that your dog needs. For those of us with a busy work schedule, it can be the ideal alternative to long walks in the neighbourhood with other dogs and their owners when all you want to do is wind down for the evening.


A tired and well socialized dog is a good dog.  We hope you have found some of these suggestions on what to look for in a good Dog Daycare helpful. We are truly passionate about dogs and love running the Doggie Daycare in Etobicoke, Toronto.


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