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Safety and compliance measures


We are strictly enforcing all COVID-19 health and safety regulations

We are OPEN with curbside drop off and pick up in effect. Please wait outside or call 416-233-9111 for one of our team members to collect/return your dog.

Also in the Safety and Compliance measures please add :


Curbside drop off and pick up in effect:


  • One staff member will watch for anybody coming and will come out to get the dog from or to you
  • If you don’t see any of us, please call 416-233-9111 and we will come out
  • you can wait in your car but if you come out of your car and have to line up, you must maintain the 2m distance between each other
  • We will bring our leash, so you will keep yours
  • You can bring dog food, preferably in a disposable plastic or paper baggie. Please write your dog’s name on it.
  • You must wear a mask outside your car