Clementine the jack russell

Clem the Jack

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Hi there people, I’m Clem, short for Clementine. I’m a Jack Russell/Wirehaired terrier puppy and the humans call me tiny. I don’t know what that word means….I’m a dog just like all the others right? Just because I’m smaller than them doesn’t mean I can’t play just like the big guys!


I’ve been coming to Doggie Playland almost every day for a few weeks now, just about since my humans brought me home and I love it. I’ve made so many friends already and I don’t let anyone boss me around even though I’m a baby! I know how to tell those other dogs to leave me alone.


Daycare has taught me so much! I learned about “hose” and “pool” and this thing called “ball” which all the other dogs chase and I don’t understand why. All they have to do is pick up one of the ones on the floor like I do! But oh well, more for me.


I think my dad also said something about starting training soon. I don’t know what this training business is all about because I think I already know a lot, but anything that means coming back to Doggie Playland more often is good with me!