Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle

  |   Doggie Playland Dogs

Hey, I'm Artie! I'm what you might call a "whoodle" or a "wheatie-poo". That's a mix between a Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle. Pretty cute, huh? I've been coming to Doggie Playland for many years now - I love this place.. it's so much fun. One...

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The Place Command

  |   Dog Advice, Dog health

One of the things I always introduce the first week of my Level 1 obedience class is the Place Command. I think it is one of the most useful tools for teaching your dog to stay still and be calm. Essentially it involves the dog...

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Does your dog get enough sunlight?

  |   Dog health

If you are able to walk your dog 3 times per day or if your dog attends a daycare with a large outdoor space ( like Doggie Playland), then yes, you can rest assured that she is getting the sun she needs.   Read what Dr.Edward Bassingthwaighte...

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