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Bernie the Bernadoodle

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Hi there! I’m Bernie the Bernadoodle! See what I did there? My name pretty much describes me perfectly, cool huh?


I’m a year and a half now and I’ve been coming to Doggie Playland since I was 5 months old! I was a big boy then and I’m an even bigger boy now.


I love coming to daycare because I get to play with all my friends. As a puppy I used to try to play with everyone, but as I got older I learned it’s more fun to have some BEST friends. I think I picked some good ones. My bestest friend is a hound mix named Kita. She is my size so we can wrestle around a lot. She also has lots of energy like me.


I also love that Doggie Playland has a backyard. That’s my favourite spot and I usually spend lots of my day running around outside, especially in the winter. I love snow! I guess that’s the Bernese in me:) speaking of backyard, the humans are letting us out now so I gotta run!


Nice talking to you!