Bear and I’m a Labradoodle

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Hi guys!

I’m Bear and I’m a Labradoodle.


I’ve been coming to Doggie Playland for 4 years and it’s my absolute favourite! I enjoy a game of ball, I’m actually quite good at bouncing it and catching it myself so I don’t even need a human to play fetch! Cool huh?


My best friends are Cooper the Wheaten and Alfie the Dachshund. I play with everyone, but when they’re at daycare it’s extra fun.


I also LOVE the hose! That is by far the most fun thing to do at Doggie Playland. I’m so good at jumping up and catching the water now. It’s too bad that the hose only comes out in the summer time, I never understood that.


Oh, I think I hear the water now!!! Gotta run!