Bailey a Portuguese Water dog

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Hi guys! My name is Bailey and I’m a Portuguese Water dog. We are a working breed that loves the water! I mean, it’s even in our name! We are obedient and easy to train but we also have lots of energy. That’s why Doggie Playland is a great place for me.


I usually come to doggie daycare once or twice a week. I’ve even done some overnight boarding with a really fun human.


My best friend is Remy the viszla because he loves to wrestle as much as I do, but I also love playing with the other young dogs. I am told that I am a great “assessment dog” which I think means that I make new friends easily… the humans also praise me a lot and tell me that I listen well. I love that part so I make sure I ALWAYS respond when they call me!


Anyway I hear one of them calling now…gotta go! Maybe we can be friends too if you stop by