dog care for a healthy and active lifestyle

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At Doggie Playland Inc. we believe that a healthy lifestyle is not just for humans.

A healthy diet, along with enough activities, stimulation and exercise, is the ideal way to ensure your dog’s well being.

Doggie Playland fits the bill for the active portion of your dog’s healthy life style.

Hours of play and exercise all in a safe, healthy and controlled environment. It’s just what your dog needs!


All our staff is professionally trained with certifications in Animal Care, Dog Emotion and Cognition, Dog Training and Behaviour, Pet First Aid, Understanding Canine Body Language. Members of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council Canada.


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At Doggie Playland, we do our best to offer your pet the healthiest environment possible. We never use harmful chemicals and always discourage over vaccination.

Our Doggie Friends

Some of our Furry Friends at Doggie Playland